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Japan stories n°3

28 Fév

It’s strange how life goes.

It’s strange how life makes fun. Fun of you I mean. Laughs about you.

About 4 years ago I drew a girl. An imaginary girl. A girl I made up in my mind. A girl I dreamed of. I put her on paper and she eventually became the main character of my comic book story. I gave her a name. Lena was born on paper, made of ink and watercolor.
That was 4 years ago.

Today, I met a girl. She made me uncomfortbale at first. Couldn’t tell why.

And it struck me. Today, I met Lena. But this one was real, standing in front of me, breathing, smiling. The exact same copy of that fictitious character I drew 4 years ago.

She lives 14’000km away.

It’s strange how life goes. How it makes fun of you and seems to enjoy it.

It was nice meeting you in person.

I will probably never see you again.

Goodbye Lena.

Real life Lena