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Japan stories n° 4

1 Mar

A bunch of sketches done on random pieces of paper while in a bar, karaoke, at a restaurant or home hanging out.


Japan stories n°3

28 Fév

It’s strange how life goes.

It’s strange how life makes fun. Fun of you I mean. Laughs about you.

About 4 years ago I drew a girl. An imaginary girl. A girl I made up in my mind. A girl I dreamed of. I put her on paper and she eventually became the main character of my comic book story. I gave her a name. Lena was born on paper, made of ink and watercolor.
That was 4 years ago.

Today, I met a girl. She made me uncomfortbale at first. Couldn’t tell why.

And it struck me. Today, I met Lena. But this one was real, standing in front of me, breathing, smiling. The exact same copy of that fictitious character I drew 4 years ago.

She lives 14’000km away.

It’s strange how life goes. How it makes fun of you and seems to enjoy it.

It was nice meeting you in person.

I will probably never see you again.

Goodbye Lena.

Real life Lena

Japan stories n°2

30 Jan

Ep. 2 of Japan. Drawing session.

« What happens in Japan stays…  on my blog »

It has been a while since I did that. In fact, since school pretty much. Not too bad I think. Plenty of thanks to her.


Japan !

15 Jan

Japan stories, n°1

So, like some of you may know, I went to Japan to meet and ride the famous JaPow. And let me tell you… it’s more than everything expected.
Everything was decided and set very quickly. Early december heard of an opportunity, wrote and skyped, mid december had my planes ticket and flying on the 30th.

Spent a night in Tokyo and took the train west to Nagano.

As I got closer to west Japan the snow was getting deeper…

And a very charming person in the train made me want to do this, of course…  :3

japan-traingirlAs for the quality of my future posts, I ask you to forgive me, I don’t have a scanner with me so they’re only photos taken with my camera. Better version will be uploaded as soon as I get home 🙂  (begining of march)

See you soon for more !